Critical Safety, Uses and Dosage Tips of Benadryl for Dogs - 2023

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If you are troubled regarding dog allergies and all of the solutions have been disastrous then check Benadryl. Benadryl is an antihistamine drug used to treat allergies caused by environmental pollutants like stings, bites, or vaccine reactions. Even though it is for human purposes but with the consultation and authorization from a veterinarian, you can make use of it for your dog also. Let’s have a look at this guide to know more about the safety uses and dosage requirements of Benadryl for your dog. Some risk factors are also there so check them, please.

Benadryl is advantageous because it has an ingredient known as diphenhydramine that reduces histamine intake thus relieving inflammation and other allergies. Diphenhydramine is also used in sleeping pills so it's not detrimental to your dog's health. Benadryl was previously used for humans but it is now used for animals too.  Benadryl for dogs is suggested by the veterinary for environmental, seasonal, and food allergies.

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Uses for Dogs

I would recommend you to use it before your dog catches allergies. As discussed earlier, Benadryl relieves allergic reactions in pets; it also has many other benefits for dogs. Watery eyes, itching, headache, and sneezing can also be treated with Benadryl. As it contains diphenhydramine that is similar to Dramamine so you can use it to treat nausea and travelling sickness of dogs. If your dog is anxious, then the best way to make him at ease is just the use of one Benadryl pill. Anxiety attacks are also cured by it during fearful situations. Due to diphenhydramine, you can use it to make your dog sleep happily.

Safe Dosage guide

Commonly, the dosage depends upon the bodyweight of the dog. Typically 1 mg is given for 1 pound weight. But your veterinarian can suggest how much amount can be used. The amount of Benadryl in one tablet is about 25mg so a 25-pound dog will be given one tablet according to dosage criteria. For a small dog, you can use a children's formula that is free of alcohol. You can give Benadryl to your dog every eight to twelve hours mixed in your homemade dog treats, about two to three times per day. It can be given every night with an 8 hours gap three times a day. Don't use it more than 3 times otherwise, it would be ineffective. If you use the product frequently, it may begin to lose effectiveness over time.

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Precautions to use Benadryl

Don’t give a higher dose because it takes almost 30 to 40 minutes to produce the effect. The low dosage will not cause any side effects like drowsiness. When you monitor some symptoms, stop using Benadryl for your dog. These signs can be dryness of the mouth and drowsiness. Sluggishness and urinary retention can also happen. Other symptoms like fast heart rate, vomiting, less appetite, and breathing problems can also be experienced if not used properly. If your dog has an early history of lung disease, bladder issues, glaucoma, or is having a pregnancy then you would not go for Benadryl. Side effects can also occur when used with other medications.

There are few chances for Benadryl adversity for your dog so be aware of changes. In some forms of Benadryl, acetaminophen and pseudoephedrine products are also included that are not safe for your dog. Don’t use them because these are harmful to canines. Always check the composition of Benadryl before using it. But remember to consult your veterinarian before giving Benadryl to your dog. Don't forget to take your for a weekly checkup to veterans who signed your ESA letter for dog or aby other animal. Your doctor will guide you on what is the appropriate dosage for your dog along with highlighting side effects if any.

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